Its a mind killer. It takes away your mind. You wont remember how long you sat there playing the game. Its Age Of Empire………………


It was the start of the golden era of strategy games. Many games have come by and gone but nothing was as good as “Age of Empire”. The game is a jointly designed by “Microsoft game studios” and “Ensemble”. The game did concentrate on the civilizations rather than the heros of that time. The game would have been more interesting if the designers had shown some interest towards the heros. It travels through the times of the Roman and Egyptian Civilization. The graphics is descent as it was one of the earliest games.


Sequel to Age of Empire. A massive hit. “Age of Empire II: Age of Kings” was more refined than its prequel. It traveled through the lives of the well known persons like Joan of Arc, General El Sid, Emperor Genghis Khan, The Raider Attila the Hun and Emperor Barbarossa. This time the civilizations were from all corners of the world from the Aztecs to the Vikings.

Then came the expansion “The Conquers”. A perfect addition to a perfect game. The expansion contained epic battles of the great conquerors of the world.


The designers came back with a bang after a long break they gave the world the “The Age of Empire 3″. A game with graphics to speak about. While its predecessor were weak in graphics, it boasts about ‘Bloom” effect which is most common in all games nowadays. The Characters are imaginary. The entire game is about the “New World”, the present America.

Expansions such as “The War Chiefs” and “The Asian Dynasties” were launched. Though “The War Chiefs” couldn’t do any impact on the game “The Asian Dynasties” rocked. New concepts, new heros, new countries. The second expansion comprised of China, Japan and India. The Indian Campaign was not as interesting as the other two. Age of Empire III is an icing on a cake.

Age of Empire series is a great game for people who want to kill time and for people who love stratergic games. I crave for an another AGE OF EMPIRE.


One Response to AGE OF EMPIRE

  1. shamel says:

    thanx for this info

    its really one of my favorite games

    But I like the first part the most.

    I feel that the detailed graphics in 2 & 3 are unnecessary

    or it may just because 1 is my first love


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